How corporations and businesses can help
Meals on Wheels achieve its mission

  • “Send a staff team” to deliver for Meals on Wheels, while on work time. Allow the use of a company vehicle, if you have one – it’s a great way to show citizens of your company’s commitment to giving back to the community!
  • Support the Teamwork’s Training Ltd.’s 23 Days of Christmas Campaign.
  • Donate a “Gift in Kind” of supplies, service or expertise! Our ongoing operational needs include advertising, office supplies and equipment, promotional supplies (refrigerator magnets, balloons, pens and T-shirts for example) graphic design and printing of invitations, booklets and brochures, volunteer appreciation gifts and gift certificates, donor appreciation gifts, gifts for clients at Christmas and on birthdays and door prize items for events. Don’t let this list limit you – We love creative ideas! (and are happy to provide charitable tax receipts for the value of the items donated)!!

Benefits to businesses that are involved in community charities and non-profits include:

  • increased staff satisfaction and retention,
  • increased employee productivity,
  • positive community profile and image,
  • skill development and attitudinal change for employees.

Thank you to the following corporations for their support:

United Way
Lethbridge & South Western Alberta
TeamWorks Training Institute
FCSS Family and Community Support Services – City of Lethbridge
Select People Solutions
TeamWorks Career Centre
Green Acres Foundation Housing for Seniors